Eklutna Lake

Alaska State Parks offers 60 public use cabins and 8 ice hunts for rent by the public.  These cabins are located throughout the state and cost an average of $60 per night.  Some cabins are reachable by car, but most are located off the road system and require at least a hike, if not a boat or plane to access them.

Nice cabins go fast — some are booked solid for months in advance.  Earlier this summer Jess and I were sniffing around online and found an opening for the Eklutna Lake cabin in Chugiak, Alaska.  We made the reservation then pretty much forgot about it until a reminder popped up last week.

Eklutna Lake is located 90 minutes north of Girdwood, circa Anchorage.  The cabin stands three miles down a dirt road from the parking area, a commute that prompted us to try bikepacking — in other words, carrying our camping gear on mountain bikes.  Bikepacking is no more strenuous than walking, only it allows for faster travel speeds if the trail is bikeable (most trails in Alaska would be difficult if not impassible on bike).  Turns out bikepacking is a delight!

As for the cabin, we very much enjoyed having this beautiful lake to ourselves.


One response

  1. poppy

    sweet pics scotty. i see i used da led lights i boughtcha. poppy

    August 30, 2011 at 12:14 pm

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