Family Visit

Last week my mom, dad, sister and bro-in-law flew in from Michigan and Ohio to spend a week with us in Alaska.  As dad would be quick to point out, the action rarely slowed over the seven days.  Excited to play host to familiar faces, Jess and I drew up an itinerary we hoped would combine relaxation and adventure, a balance we underlined given the diversity of the group.  With my family now safely home and all the sheets washed, I’ve had some time to reflect on the week, and despite a full-day traffic jam and fleeting moments of out-of-my-element outrage, I believe we succeeded in the most important objective of big family vacations: creating a bunch of great memories we can all share.

I could write about everything we did, but photos are just a tad more interesting, aren’t they?


These photos offer only a snapshot of the week.  If you are abnormally interested you can see all the photos here.  Thank you family for making the effort to come to Alaska.  Jess and I are profoundly happy to have shared our lives with you.  Big love.


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