Mustgo Photos

Like most middle-class Midwestern families, mine was no stranger to pinching pennies and speaking in hokey local idioms. One childhood memory of both is mustgo. Mustgo stands for “must go” and it was mom’s answer to what’s for dinner when the leftovers began to pile up. Tonight I was looking through photos from the past week and decided it was time for a mustgo blogpost.  So here’s what’s been happening lately in Alaska…

Canyoneering Crow Creek Mine in Girdwood.

Hiking the Winner Creek Handtram trail.

After some hairy downclimbing we reached a secluded rocky beach on Glacier Creek, where we spent the afternoon sunbathing, throwing rocks at nondeserving targets and doing crossfit moves in our bathing suits.  On the shore I finished Fighting for your Life: Man-eater Bears using the Kindle app on my phone. If you’ve not yet ventured into e-books, I highly recommend it. I’m looking at you, Alan.

Whitewater rafting Glacier Creek with Alaska Backcountry Access.

Hiking Virgin Creek Falls Trail in Girdwood.

A double rainbow off the Seward Highway en route to the Sixmile River bike path.

From Johnson Pass Trail in Moose Pass.


One response

  1. poppy

    hey junior … pinchin those pennies got yer ugly mug thru college as well as kelly. also, provided us with a nice home, cars and other stuff 🙂

    June 6, 2011 at 3:46 am

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