Stumptown Suds

Lucky Labrador Tasting Room

Prompted by a recommendation from beer enthusiast and ex-coworker of mine Mike Brem, I decided to use this space to riff about the different beers I tasted during our two-day stint in Portland.  And since my palate is amateurish, and my writing on the subject can be foamy at times, the descriptions below may read like a beer on an empty stomach.


Mirror Pond Pale Ale
Deschutes Brewery – Bend, OR

Clean and crisp like a dress shirt, though not as genteel.  Remarkably unremarkable.  Drink, yawn, drink, proceed.

Hop Gold
Tugboat Brewing Company – Portland, OR

Harsh like Miss Trunchbull.  The bitter finish of a portly marathon runner with the mouthfeel of a hiking sock.

Amber Lamps
Tugboat Brewing Company – Portland, OR

A sweet & syrupy melange; the color of a California raisin with dishwater drinkability. 

Klickitat Pale Ale
Almeda Brewhouse – Portland, OR

A playful little beer.  Cool and calm like George Clooney.  Perfect for a rose garden croquet match; even better for the rematch.

Lombac Strong Draft
Lompoc Brewing – Portland, OR

Thick and rich and fancy.  Traces of molasses warming over a douglas fir campfire.

LTD 05
Full Sail Brewing Company – Hood River, OR

Sweet and strong like Steven Seagal.  Wish I could have kicked it with this beer a few more times.

Mori Moto Soba Ale
Rogue Ales – Newport, OR

This beer needs no chill, as it’s a hoppy cotton candy coconut party!  No-doubter best beer of the trip.  Subtle, strong and delicious.  Ranks up there with two-hearted ale and Outback cheese fries.

Everybody’s Country Boy IPA
Everybody’s Brewing – White Salmon, WA

A nice shot of grass clippings.

Organic Golden Ale
Lucky Labrador Brewing Company – Portland, OR

Budweiser on steroids.  A good birthday sixer for a bro who doesn’t like beer.

Stumptown Porter
Lucky Labrador Brewing Company – Portland, OR

The blood of an american gladiator!  Drink while fighting zombies and/or listening to Megadeath.


Cheers to our lovely hostess Britanie Kessler and her double cool friends for blazing the trail and welcoming us to Portland.


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