My Uncle Ted is a mad scientist of the forest.  His blue eyes pop and his gray mop swirls as he bounces around the living room on all fours reenacting stories from his seven years in Alaska.  A bonafide outdoorsman, retired from the Air Force and U.S. Forest Service, Ted has a lifetime of experience in the woods — and a story for every topic, which he tells with earnestness and skill.

So you wanna hear about the time I shot a grizzly with my bow, which at the time was the largest brown bear taken in southeast Alaska with a bow or gun?


So Jan and I were flown into a remote part of Alaska, where I knew this mean grizzly would be packing on his last hundred pounds at the dogfish run…

We ate it up.  Along with moose steaks, eggs, apple pie and buckets of coffee.

Ted and Jan live in Carmen, Idaho, which at one point was the last city in the U.S. to be more than 150 miles from the nearest McDonalds.  Their house is authentic wild west, loaded with wildlife art, various weapons and a smattering of animal heads mounted to the living room wall.  We spent two days shootin’ guns, four wheelin’ and hiking the snow-dusted mountains that fill every window in the house.

From their porch we spotted elk, mule deer, magpies, fox and pheasant.

On Monday, Ted and his dogs Anna, Candy and Bear took Jess and me for a hike in Badger Springs.  Snow blew as we made our way to the summit, climbing through knee-high drifts and stopping occasionally to gawk at the continental divide.  It was a memorable hike that yielded some pretty cool pics, which you can view here if you like.

Big shout-out to Ted and Jan for being first-rate hosts.  We had a great time in Idaho, and couldn’t stop gushing about them as we made our way down their long, curvy driveway and on to Coeur d’Alene.


One response

  1. Ted Wotring

    Scott, you and Jess were great guests and we are glad you were able to stop and visit us on your journey to experience Alaska. I admire the gusto you two have for getting out and enjoying life. Look out Girdwood!

    Your pictures are awesome and tell a great story…if only they could provide a lung-full of fresh mountain air and the sting of corn-snow against your face.

    Our home is always open to both of you.

    Be safe and enjoy the rest of your trip.

    Uncle Ted and Aunt Jan

    April 28, 2011 at 10:56 am

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