Grand Teton National Park

From Denver we drove eight hours to Jackson, Wyoming to spend Saturday night with friends James and Claire.  After a spectacular drive through the Tetons, we arrived at the base of Snow King mountain and spent the evening sharing red wine and stories from the road.  The next morning the four of us embarked on a monster bike ride in 45 degree sunshine.  Jess and Claire rented road bikes and James and I took the fixies.  From downtown we rode twelve miles to Jackson Village, then entered Grant Teton NP for a stretch on a closed-for-cars paved road that featured moose, black fox and osprey sightings, Manute Bol-dwarfing snow drifts and some of the most dazzling mountain scenery I’ve set eyes on.  We stopped for pizza and beer at Dornans in Moose, then continued home past the National Elk Refuge and saw dozens of elk roaming the vast, shit-colored valleys that provide contrast to the surrounding snow-covered peaks.  In total we rode 36 miles, and the leftover coffee cake in the car tasted like a million bucks as we hit the road bound for Idaho…


2 responses

  1. courtney

    I am enjoying reading about your adventure. But you seem way too happy (at least for those of us stuck back here in the office). I want to know: Did you forget to pack anything essential? Does Jess have enough clothes? Does your car stink yet?

    April 27, 2011 at 6:12 am

    • Hey Courtney! Thanks for the comment and for reading the blog. To answer your questions… Pretty sure we remembered all the essentials. Jess never has enough clothes, and our car currently smells something like dirty hiking socks and a Wyoming thrift store.

      April 27, 2011 at 3:33 pm

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